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A headshot of Nikki, a light-skinned person with long pink hair and dark pink glasses

About Me

Hola, I’m Nikki (she/they) and I help creative, neurodivergent, & marginalised small biz owners create thriving businesses they love so that they can live life on their terms. 

I spent more than a decade juggling my photography business (and other projects) around my day job, and got stuck in a tech job that left me too burned-out to do the things I loved. But now I’m putting my entire collection of skills to much better use, and get to help others create sustainable businesses that support their lifestyles. 

Why work with me?

  • I’ve been in the design, tech, & creative business space for 15 years (and that’s just the ‘official’ stuff).
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Industries (communications & digital media), and an undergraduate certificate in graphic design.
  • I approach everything from a strategic and holistic perspective. Everything should be doing its part to work towards helping you achieve your business goals — a pretty website/logo is worthless if it’s not helping you connect to your people and actually make you money!
  • My work is heavily informed by marketing strategy, sales psychology, conversion optimisation, UX (user experience/usability), and accessibility and SEO (search engine optimisation) best practices.
  • I’m not interested in pushing something on you just because I like it — I always want to help you make the best choices for you and your needs!
  • As a multiply-marginalised (ND/disabled/queer) creative & business owner, accessibility and inclusion are always at the forefront of my business and design choices.
  • I’m passionate about helping small businesses, because I strongly believe that they’re a key part of the society I want to live in, and I believe in their power to uplift marginalised communities.

I do this because I honestly love this shit! 

When I first started designing brands and websites, I did it because it was fun and creative, but now I’m really in this so I can help other businesses; because in doing so, I can help to uplift those who’ve often been pushed to the margins, and help them achieve success on their own terms. 

How do we make that happen?

The Process:

1. Discovery

We do a deep-dive into your business to help me understand it from the inside out.

2. Strategy

We use that information to collaboratively develop strategies and goals.

3. Creation

I translate that information into beautiful, functional design that’s irresistible to the people you wanna connect with.

4. Confidence

You walk away feeling confident in your business, and how you present it to the world.

Paradise Bar visual identity, showing off the gold and royal blue colours, bird-of-paradise-inspired logo, and tiki-inspired typography


A gold-foiled elegant serif logo for Evamy with a delicate fern outline


I design beautiful and strategic brands that help you communicate your business and connect with your ideal clients. 

Elliburd + Co's feminine Shopify website on a white ipad sitting on a marble surface


Want a website you’re proud of, that gives a great user experience and helps you sell your products/services? This is my jam! I design websites for service-based businesses, as well as ecommerce sites. 

A laptop showing the Vintage Candles website design

VIP Days

Get sh*t done, fast! Whether your website needs a makeover, you need some design work done, or want some help with strategy, see how much we can get done in just one day!

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Ready to help your business thrive?

I’d love to help! Please get in touch to discuss your project, or book directly into my calendar. 

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