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#ActuallyAutistic Businesses to support this April

Autism Awareness Acceptance Month can be a pretty tough time for a lot of Autistic folks. Well-meaning (and not-so-well-meaning) individuals and organisations “supporting” us by selling products themed with symbols that represent our trauma, to profit off our pain and/or fund-raise for organisation who cause us harm.

[Since I already had a half-dozen ‘see footnote’ symbols by this point, I’m going to forgo them and just leave this link to a bunch of resources.]

I’m tired of it, and I know so many others are tired of it, so we’re just not having it this year.

And so, I aim to bring you a list of Actually Autistic creators and businesses you can support this month if you really want to support the Autistic community.

These are Autistic creators, and businesses which are Autistic-owned.

#ActuallyAutistic Creators & Businesses

… in Australia

Aimee’s Creations – Unique handmade items and gifts

Crystal Visions – Ethically-sourced crystals

Fuscous Fury [Perth] – Portrait photography (queer & SW-friendly)

Little Laneway Media – Social media management for authors

Nyx Apothecary – Herbal and handmade goodies

Sharyn Holmes – Inclusive leadership and anti-oppression coach and writer

Studio Misfits [Perth] – Low-stim, queer-friendly hair salon

Studio Nyx – Me! Branding & web design for small businesses

Three Morrigna – Crystals and witchery

Thriving Minds Education – Educational books, toys, and resources for babies and children

The Toy Chest Australia – Ethical and eco-friendly toys

UniqueMe – Neurodiversity Consultant

… in the rest of the world

Autiblog – Editor of Autistic Magazine (in English & Spanish)


Expand With Kate – Personal & Business Coaching for Neurodivergents

Frozen Peach [details coming soon]

Whimsical Knitting Co – Adorable yarn creations

Writerly Nourishment – Copy writing, editorial feedback, and publishing guidance

Pastel neurodiversity symbol
The Neurodiversity symbol, by MissLunaRose12 [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Know someone who should be on this list?

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