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Breakthrough Branding Worksheet

This Breakthrough Branding Worksheet is designed to help you think about your business and get a clearer picture of your brand strategy. 

Your brand, in short, is the way people perceive your business, and includes every interaction they have with it. While it is effectively formed in the minds of others, by helping to define your brand, and how you want it to be perceived, you can ensure that your business’s public-facing aspects and interactions are cohesive, so that it’s easier for your audience to figure out who you are, and to recognise and easily differentiate you from your competitors. 

Breakthrough Branding Worksheet

How will a branding worksheet help my business?

While ‘branding’ is often used to refer to the visual identity, or ‘brand identity’, of a business, that’s only one aspect. Knowing who your business is and how you want it to be perceived, and the relationships you want people to have with it can give much greater clarity to your overall business and marketing strategy. And once you know what your brand is, you can much more effectively figure out how to communicate that through your logo and visual identity.

This 18-page brand worksheet is the exact workbook I use with my professional branding clients, and is structured to help you get clear on:

  • Your business basics;
  • Your brand core/soul;
  • Your brand personality;
  • Your brand placement (including ideal audience & competitor analysis);
  • & How that might translate to your brand identity.

Grab your Breakthrough Branding Worksheet for just AU$50 (~US$30)!

Need an extra hand with your brand strategy (or translating that to your brand identity)? Get in touch!


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