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Neurodivergent Business Bundle

I’ve been longing for a neurodivergent business community event for forever, so now.. I’ve made one! Introducing the Neurodivergent Business Bundle! With over 30 neurodivergent businesses contributing over $1,500 in amazing products, this bundle is designed by and for the neurodivergent business community, to help improve and uplift us all. How does this bundle support […]

10 Easy Steps to a More Accessible Website

Easy Tips for Better Accessibility

Creating an accessible website is not just a good practice; it’s a necessity. Paying attention to accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of abilities or disabilities, can navigate and engage with your content effectively. Accessibility is a huge topic, but here’s 10 fairly easy points to consider for a more accessible website – or any digital […]

Autism Acceptance Month [Resources]

Autism Acceptance Month

During Autism Acceptance Month, you might see a bunch of folks sharing posts of support, which is wholesome and lovely and much appreciated. However a lot of them use colours, symbols, tropes, and language that have some pretty harmful origins. A lot of these are super easy to miss if you haven’t spent a much time around the Autistic community, so I’ve gathered up some resources on some of the biggest ones I’ve seen recently.