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Neurodivergent Business Bundle

I’ve been longing for a neurodivergent business community event for forever, so now.. I’ve made one! Introducing the Neurodivergent Business Bundle! With over 30 neurodivergent businesses contributing over $1,500 in amazing products, this bundle is designed by and for the neurodivergent business community, to help improve and uplift us all. How does this bundle support […]

My Favourite Business Tools

My Favourite Business Tools

Wondering what tools other people use to run their business? Looking for recommendations that are tried, tested, and highly recommended? Here’s mine.

Breakthrough Branding Worksheet

Breakthrough Branding Worksheet

This Breakthrough Branding Worksheet is designed to help you think about your business and get a clearer picture of your brand strategy.  Your brand, in short, is the way people perceive your business, and includes every interaction they have with it. While it is effectively formed in the minds of others, by helping to define […]

My Favourite Free Business Resources (part 1)

Free Business Resources (part 1)

Running your own small business is an enormous task, and it comes with a huge learning curve! One of the things I’ve noticed, is that most small business owners don’t seem aware of the vast amount of business, marketing, and educational tools and resources available absolutely free – and right under their noses! So here […]

My Favourite DIY Website Platforms for Small Business

Which website platform is best?

It feels like every second post in my social feed recently has been the same question: I want to build a website, what platform should I use? So as a designer who’s used (to date) Square/Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress/WooCommerce… what are my top picks?

Etsy vs Website: Which is Better?

Etsy vs Website

This is a question that pops up frequently in a number of Facebook groups I’m part of, so I’ve been meaning to address it for a while now. Because the thing is: They’re not two different options of the same thing.