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Neurodivergent Business Bundle

I’ve been longing for a neurodivergent business community event for forever, so now.. I’ve made one! Introducing the Neurodivergent Business Bundle!

A mockup showing all the products included in the Neurodivergent Business Bundle

With over 30 neurodivergent businesses contributing over $1,500 in amazing products, this bundle is designed by and for the neurodivergent business community, to help improve and uplift us all.

How does this bundle support the neurodivergent business community?

In addition to the community-provided resources, designed by folks who’ve been there, to help you improve your business, mindset, and life in general, this bundle has been intentionally designed as a community-building event.

During bundle week, you’ll also find:

  • Online networking & interaction in my Facebook group;
  • Expert Q&A sessions where you can ask all your business Qs to a panel of experts who get it;
  • Virtual networking events where you can meet other neurodivergent business owners;
  • And even more!

Am I neurodivergent? 🤔

The term ‘neurodivergent’ applies to anyone whose brain isn’t ‘neurotypical’. This can include lifelong neurodivergencies like autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, dyslexia, or acquired neurodivergencies, like PSTD/CPTSD, traumatic brain injuries, chronic anxiety or depression, or a whole list of other neurotypes.

This awesome image by Lived Experience Educator Sonny Jane Wise includes some other examples of folks who exist under the ‘neurodivergent’ umbrella (although it’s definitely not an exhaustive list)!

A drawing of a purple umbrella labelled Neurodivergent Umbrella (non-exhaustive list). Under it are listed: ASPD, ADHD, DID & OSDD, bipolar, autism, epilepsy, BPD, NPD, GAD, OCD, ABI/TBI, dyslexia, CPTSD, tic disorders, dyspraxia, HSP, schizophrenia, sensory processing, misophonia, HPD, PTSD, dyscalculia, Down Syndrome, dysgraphia, FASD, synesthesia. Credit to @LivedExperienceEducator

How do I sign up for the bundle?

The bundle itself is running from March 19-26th 2024 (which, completely incidentally, coincides with Neurodiversity Celebration Week), but the waitlist opens today!

Head over to the Neurodivergent Business Bundle and sign-up today to get yourself on the list – it’s going to be an awesome time, and I’m ridiculously excited 🥰


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