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Queer Businesses & Creators to support this Pride Month

While it’s super-exciting to see so many businesses and corporations proudly exclaiming their support for queer & LGBTQIA+ folks during Pride month, unfortunately far too many of them don’t actually do much to support the community they’re claiming to uplift with their rainbow merch. Some say they’re donating to queer organisations, but the amount is pitiful, or they refuse to disclose it at all, others use us as a marketing tactic without actually supporting us at all, and so many of them raise the rainbow flag while actively harming the queer community.

Once again, I’m tired of it, and I know so many others are tired of it, so we’re just not having it this year.

Instead, we’re once again deciding to support queer-owned businesses and projects.

Let’s support queer folks by SUPPORTING QUEER FOLKS!

This will be continually updated over the course of the month in order to add new suggestions. These are queer creators, projects, and businesses which are at least 50% queer-owned.

Queer Businesses & Creators

… in Australia

Bippity Boppity Brush [Perth] – Face painter and events performer

Buncrafts – Handcrafted goodies: Bunnies, wings and magical things!

Drawn Binary – Artist

Earth Witch Hair Colour – Bright hair dye & accessories (CF & vegan)

Emmelyn – Graphic Designer

Fuscous Fury [Perth] – Portrait photography (queer & SW-friendly)

Hypodermic Designs [Perth) – tattoo artist

Mightyburns Bulls – French Bulldog breeders

Nyx Apothecary – Herbal and handmade goodies

Perth Fantasy Models [Perth] – Group Fantasy photo-shoots

Ronnie Von Stikke [Perth] – Piercer

SapphX [Brisbane] – Sapphic dance party

Studio Misfits [Perth] – Low-stim, queer-friendly hair salon

Studio Nyx – Me! Websites, design, & support services for small businesses

Three Morrigna – Crystals and witchery

Ugly Scrub – Handmade soap

New Pride Flag
New Pride Flag by Julia Feliz

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