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Neurodivergent Business Bundle

19-26th March 2024

About the Bundle

This free bundle is designed by and for the neurodivergent (ND) business community. 

The main goal of this event is to support and build community. As such, in addition to the product bundle, I hope to include social components, e.g. interaction within a Facebook group, expert Q&As, networking events.

Who counts as Neurodivergent?

This bundle is open to anyone who self-identifies as ND, regardless of the neurodivergence. While there are lots of Autistics and ADHDers, if you identify as ND by way of trauma, depression/anxiety, personality disorder, Tourette’s, acquired brain injury, psychosis… whatever your flavour, if your brain doesn’t fit the ‘neurotypical’ neurotype, you’re welcome here ♾

What’s included in the bundle?

Contributions do not need to be ND (or necessarily biz) themed, as long as they’d be helpful to an ND business owner! 🤩

Value should be $5+ (or equivalent), and should be available instantly. Examples might include an eBook, worksheet, short training, template, course, or some other resource. 

What are our values?

Accessibility & inclusion are core values – If your business, product contributions, or website/processes don’t reflect these values, this might not be the event for you. 

Need some tips for making sure your website, product, or sign-up page are accessible? Check out my 10 Easy Steps to a More Accessible Website

Key Dates

  • Bundle waitlist opens: 12th March 2024
  • Bundle/event period: 19-26th March 2024
  • Product sign-ups close: 30th April 2024

Keep me in the loop!

Pop your info here if you’d like updates on the Neurodivergent Business Bundle. 


A bundle is a collection of products.

In this case, it’s products that are usually paid (i.e. not freebies!), contributed by a whole collection of folks, and available free for anyone who signs up! 

  1. Everyone shares their links to the bundle sign-up up page. 
  2. People who are interested can sign up for the bundle (it’s free!)
  3. After signing up, they’ll be directed to a page with details of all the included products. 
  4. People can click through to the individual sign-up pages of any products they’re interested in (i.e. yours!) to register for them. 

Nope! It costs nothing to contribute to the bundle. 

The bundle itself will also be available completely free. 

The main benefit of contributing to a bundle is growing your email list! Generally you’ll require people to sign up for your list in exchange for your product (like a regular freebie/lead magnet, except it’s something they’d usually have to pay for). Because the bundle is being promoted by a whole heap of people, it’s getting you in front of their combined audience – so you get in front of a heap of new people in a short period of time. 

As an example, across the bundles I contributed to last year, I usually got about 100-200 sign-ups per bundle. 

Contributing to a bundle can also position you as an expert – it lets you show off your knowledge, skills, and expertise in front of a bunch of people. I’m also hoping to build on this further by running some Expert Q&A sessions!

Bundles can also be great for growing your network. I know I always take a little time to look into who my fellow contributors are, and often reach out if they seem like my vibe, and it gives a chance for bundle participants (i.e. the people who sign up for the bundle) to do the same. Plus I’ll be opening up my Facebook group for everyone involved in the bundle to be able to network – and hopefully running a few dedicated networking events as well!

As a huge fan of consent-based marketing, the emails that you get will be from the participants who actively choose to give you their email address, by signing up for the offer you contribute to the bundle. 

Sharing email addresses without peoples’ express consent is skeezy, and increasingly illegal. 

It’s a great incentive to offer a great product, that represents your business well, that people are going to be excited to sign up for!

Contributors will be required to promote the event via at least:

  • One (1) email, and
  • One (1) social media post.

More is better, but I trust that you know your audience. The balance between promotion and spam can be tricky – what’s great for one audience might be spammy or overwhelming for another! – so I won’t be imposing limits or checking up on this… but remember that getting it in front of more eyes benefits everyone 😊

You’ll need to provide: 

  • A thumbnail image that visually represents your bundle contribution [square, at least 500×500 px]; 
  • A title & short description of your bundle contribution [under 100 words]; 
  • A way for people to get your product: a simple email sign-up is often best (the more people need to do, the less likely they’ll do it), but as long as no payment info needs to be entered, go with what works [link/URL]; 
  • A headshot of yourself [square, at least 500×500 px];
  • A short bio about you and your expertise (no disclosure of diagnoses/identities required, although you can if you’d like) [under 100 words]. 


I would also recommend considering the accessibility of both your products and sign-up pages/processes. 

Absolutely! As long as people can still access your main product without having to enter any payment info. 

You can reach out to me (Nikki Vera, she/they, of Studio Nyx) directly at, or find me in my Facebook community, Alternative Business Network

I’m more than happy to answer bundle Qs, and I also offer design, technical, or accessibility assistance, if that’s something you need a hand with. 

A headshot of Nikki, a light-skinned person with long pink hair and dark pink glasses

About the Organiser

Hi, I’m Nikki (she/they), also known as Nyx. ​

I’m the human behind Studio Nyx, a branding & web design studio that helps creative, neurodivergent, and marginalised folks build businesses that make their lives richer 💜

I also run the Alternative Business Network, an inclusive and supportive business group full of wonderful humans. 

I’m really passionate about both supporting neurodivergent business owners, and building wonderful communities, so the Neurodivergent Business Bundle is my next step on that journey – I hope you’ll join me!