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Neurodivergent Business Bundle

19-26th March 2024

The 2024 Neurodivergent Business Bundle has now closed.

But don’t worry – we’ll be back next year!

About the Bundle

This free bundle is designed by and for the neurodivergent (ND) business community. 

The main goal of this event is to support and build community. As such, in addition to the product bundle, you’ll find social components, e.g. a Facebook group, expert Q&As, and networking events 💜

What can I expect to see in the bundle?

Over 30 awesome neurodivergent experts have donated over $1,500-worth of digital products to help you level-up your business and your life! 🤩

From branding to book-writing, from marketing to mindset, we’ve got an amazing selection of goodies, and I’m so excited to share them all with you! 🥰

Who counts as Neurodivergent?

This bundle is here for anyone who self-identifies as ND, regardless of the neurodivergence. While there are lots of Autistics and ADHDers, if you identify as ND by way of trauma, depression/anxiety, personality disorder, Tourette’s, acquired brain injury, psychosis… whatever your flavour, if your brain doesn’t fit the ‘neurotypical’ neurotype, you’re welcome here ♾

Keep me in the loop!

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Meet the 2024 Experts

Get to know the awesome contributors behind this bundle!

A headshot of Nikki, a light-skinned person with long pink hair and dark pink glasses

Nikki Vera


With over 15 years in design, tech, and creative industries, Nikki (aka Nyx) is the seasoned creative professional behind Studio Nyx, a holistic and strategy-focused branding & design agency. Dedicated to empowering neurodivergent and marginalized small business owners, their work is informed by marketing strategy, sales psychology, usability/UX (user experience), and accessibility best practices.

As a multiply-marginalized creative, Nikki prioritizes inclusion and accessibility, and thrives on helping small businesses succeed on their terms.

Alicia Lozano holds her phone in one hand and her other hand in a phone gesture, and a wide smile. She's a light skinned person with long, wavy brown hair, hoop earrings, and bright red lipstick.

Alicia Lozano


Alicia Lozano is a Business Operations & Client Experience Consultant, who partners with freedom-driven founders growing mission-driven businesses through building sustainable systems and a memorable client experience.

She is the creator of a digital community called The Workflow Studio , filled with operations products that simplify systems implementation so that you can stop the research and start building the right systems and tech to prep for business growth.

Her credentials include a graduate degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, seven years of Human Resources, corporate coaching, consulting, and training.

Caitlin Fished smiles while patting their dog. They have short, curly blonde hair with shaved sides, bright red glasses and lipstick

Caitlin Liz Fisher


Caitlin Liz Fisher is an entitled millennial who absolutely thinks society should do better. They’re an anti-capitalist coach, author, and podcaster, on a mission to help people in the neurodivergent, disabled, and queer communities tell their stories through supportive coaching and courses about writing, creativity, and business.

Kymba Nijuck smiles. She's a light-skinned person with wavy grey and brown hair.

Kymba Nijuck


Kymba paints, writes, films, & works with dreams & for social justice. Her art is shown in galleries, museums, and film festivals on 3 continents.
As a certified coach, she helps you past their blocks and teaches you how to make your wonderfully imperfect art with the constraints imposed by your alternative neuro-operating system, aging/changing body, or demands of your job, space, or caregiving. And helps Third Age people make the pivot from corporate to creative.

My clients believe in Magic, identify as female or NB, and are neurodivergent/on the spectrum/have ADHD, etc., just like me. 

Sloan Fiffer smiles at an ornate column. She has light skin and dark, wavy hair

Sloan Fiffer


Sloan Fiffer helps writers of fiction and non-fiction sustain a grounded, experimental, playfully serious writing practice and complete polished, well-written books. An avid language-learner, translator, and theater nerd, Sloan is passionate about stories told well, across boundaries of geography or medium.

Paige Bond is a light-skinned person with long, brown hair. She wears a denim jacket and cartoon girl earrings

Paige Bond


Paige Bond is a licensed marriage therapist, host of the Stubborn Love podcast, and non-monogamy coach. She created the Jealousy to Joy Journey to help people-pleasing millennials navigate non-monogamy so they can tame their jealousy and love with ease. Her own journey from feeling insecure and jealous to feeling empowered and reassured is what fuels her passion to help other people-pleasers kick their relationship anxiety to the curb.

Two polaroid-style images, one of Michelle, a light-skinned person with shoulder-length brown hair, sitting with her laptop on her lap, and the second of Olivia, a light-skinned woman with long, blonde hair, reclining on a lounge.

Michelle Pontvert + Olivia Radcliffe


Like a Mother is a global movement spearheaded by marketing and business experts Michelle Pontvert and Olivia Radcliffe.

Driven by their own experiences as multi-passionate, neuro-spicy moms with multiple businesses, they embarked on a mission to create a space where multi-passionate neurodivergent entrepreneurs could chase their amazing, shiny ideas while maintaining focus and productivity in all areas of their lives.

Sarah Steckler smiles at the camera. She's a light-skinned person with long, blonde hair, berry-coloured lipstick, and a dark red shirt

Sarah Steckler


Sarah Steckler teaches online entrepreneurs how to organize their mind, create sustainable & mindful productivity, and turn their ideas into published planners & journals they can sell around the world! She’s also the host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast and author of the Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book.

Sarah Walkderden stands against a half-rusted corrugated iron wall. She has dark, curly hair, and wears a dark blue shirt and puffed jacket

Sarah Walkerden


Sarah Walkerden, at The Rural Publishing Company, is a successful multi award-winning copywriter, marketer and author, turned hybrid publisher with a focus on supporting rural, regional and remote authors and business owners. Together, with husband Toby, they aim to unearth some of the amazing literary talent that exists across regional Australia, and get many long-forgotten manuscripts out of dusty drawers, and into readers hands.

Caryn Rance leans against a wall, smiling. She has wavy, medium-tones hair, and wears a black shirt with a wide collar.

Caryn Rance


My name is Caryn and I live in Mandurah, Western Australia, with two rescue dogs (Charlotte & Brie), my husband, and our 14yo 2E son who has been homeschooled since the beginning of Grade 2.

My son and I share an office space that is filled with computers, stock for merchandise printing, a vinyl cutter plus heat press, and A LOT of LEGO!

I love to educate my clients, and social media followers, on good design and this is where my eBooks come in!

If you spend hours wrestling with your own graphics and designs, get in touch.

Pippa & Lucy Parfait both smile and giggle with their middle fingers up. Pippa has short, light blonde hair, and Lucy wears their longer brown hair tied back.

Pippa & Lucy Parfait


Hi, we’re Pippa & Lucy Parfait and we’re the Disobedient Business® Co. team who are helping change-making business owners do things “disobediently”, chuck out the business BS rule book 🙅🏼‍♀️ and *actually* create an amazing business doing it!!

Our unique zones of genius (thanks 🌶️ 🧠!) pack a powerful punch, we support you to create integrity-packed strategies that work FOR YOU, effective and achievable plans and people-first systems that turn your raving 🐿 🐿 🐿 into a lovely row of 🦆🦆🦆.

Sue Pats smiles over her shoulder. She's a brown-skinned woman with short, curly dark hair, and wears berry-coloured lipstick and a floral, sleeveless top

Sue Pats


Solopreneurs come to us when they need comprehensive resources to scale their businesses; | We uniquely provide eCourses, live training, branding hubs, podcasting, deals, blogs & free joint-venture groups to collaborate.

Lauren Parker smiles widely over her shoulder. She's a light-skinned person with curly dark shoulder-length hair and clear-framed glasses. She wears pink lipstick and a dark blue v-necked top.

Lauren Parker


As the head goofball at Becoming JoyFULL, I help you go after your big goals without sacrificing your priorities. I’m a mom with ADHD and social anxiety, and I fully believe in the power of using intention setting to plan out (and make happen) a life that you love.

Ange de Lumiere sits in a comfy chair, cradling a mug, and smiling. She's a light-skinned person with curly grey hair and purple tortoiseshell glasses, with a sacred geometry symbol on her shirt, and beaded crystal bracelets

Ange de Lumiere


After a successful fifteen-year career as an international business lawyer, Ange retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist. She now helps stressed out entrepreneurs look after themselves so that they can thrive, predominantly through helping with their sleep. Her Sleep Solution involves a life audit of what comes in the way of your sleep so you can function at 100% of your capacity. The knowledge she cumulated in both the corporate and the entrepreneurial worlds, but also as someone who has struggled with sleep, is a powerful aspect of her support as sometimes, what needs changing links to your actual business.

A photo of Esther Lemmens, a light-skinned person with long brown hair, smiling, and holding a blue mug with Metatron’s Cube on it

Esther Lemmens


Esther is a ✨ Queer Mystic ✨ Intuitive Designer & LGBTQIA+ Advocate. She’s a neurospicy creative rebel, artist, writer, podcaster, truth seeker, and gentle activist. Generally non-conforming, she likes to refer to herself as a ‘rebel with a cause’. Her motto is “do YOUR thing, YOUR way”, and she passionately believes that authentic, unapologetic and at times radical self-expression is the most important gift we can give to ourselves – and to the world. She’s the founder and host of the Fifty Shades of Gender podcast.

Kat, a woman with asymmetrical purple hair, wearing rainbow glasses and a rainbow sweater, tilting her head and smiling.

Kat Sweeney, MCLC


I’m a Master Certified ADHD coach with ADHD.  

I’m also a mother, an advocate, a mentor, a radio co-host, a chronic pain and mental health warrior, and a queer, disabled solopreneur. Plus I have adorable dogs!

I partner with students, parents, professionals and coaches to tackle the everyday challenges of ADHD and kick ADHD related guilt and shame to the curb. 🌻

My mission is to transform mindsets and break down the lingering stigmas associated with the neurodiversity, disability, and LGBTQ communities.

Mariya Shiyko smiles, wearing red lipstick, a red top held on with a gold collar, and pink bauble earrings. Her wavy brown hair is tied back

Mariya Shiyko


Mariya Shiyko, PhD, helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs & leaders to uplevel to the life of abundance, love, and creativity. She uniquely combines modern sciences, metaphysics, business & arts to reach one’s highest potential. A former university professor turned entrepreneur, Mariya is an author of two books & 50+ articles. Her personal motto is “Trust Your Joy, Everything is Possible.” She lives in Boston with her partner and son.

Sadie Tichelaar, a mid-life white woman wearing a dark green top, dark wavy hair and smile that suggests and encourages mischief.

Sadie Tichelaar


I’m a qualified, certified life coach, project manager, witch and late diagnosed AuDHDer (combination Autism and ADHD – fun!).

I use my own personal and potent blend of magic – curiosity, empathy and intuition – to support other late-diagnosed spicy brainers gently remove the mask and learn to embrace the light and dark of having a wonderfully weird and unique brain.

It’s time to explore and understand who you really are so you can start living your unmasked life on purpose.

Mikkel Leslie grins broadly. Her pink lipstick matches her knitted jumper, and her wavy brown hair spills over her shoulders

Mikkel Leslie


Mikkel Leslie is a mindset coach and advocate of doing it YOUR way. She originally got to “success” through the grind doing engineering and sales in silicon valley. She was stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Now she helps business owners grow their business with pleasure, joy, and confidence. Her clients know, trust and support themselves to get the results THEY want all with a good dose of pleasure and fun. She is also an outdoor enthusiast and you will see her in the mountains, on the beach, and in the desert.

Kis Calestro leavns against a wall. They have short hair, hot pink at the top and blonde at the sides, and wear a collared shirt and tie with sunglasses

Kit Caelsto


Although Kit has been a published author since 2002 and written over 200 books (in multiple genres, under multiple pen names), they only received a diagnosis as nerudivergent recently. That information changed everything for them and now they’re writing more and stressing less! At Epona Author Solutions they embrace being an author technologist who provides technical services to authors to help them spend more time doing what they love and an author yogi who provides coaching so authors can love their writing. Kit loves supporting authors who aren’t afraid to embrace their true selves and go outside the box.

Sophie Riley tips her wide-brinned hat at the camera. She has long brown hair, glasses, and wears a black and white flannel shirt

Sophie Riley


If we haven’t crossed paths, I’m Sophie – the force behind The VIP Hub Collective. Our All-in-One Marketing platform, your ultimate money-saving, time-magicking sidekick. We’ve got a side of entertainment too – consider it the cherry on top! Let’s get real: we’re here to revolutionize your marketing game with a rockstar squad backing you up. More money, more hours, and a touch of wit to keep that smile on your face. It’s all about levelling up, and we’re here to take you on that journey!

Carly Finseth smiles, wearing black-framed glasses and a black, fitted blazer. Her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair is wavy, without a hair out of place

Carly Finseth, Ph.D.


Dr. Carly Finseth teaches women how to create playful, heart-led businesses so they can take a slow-living approach to business success. Her signature Own Your Strengths Starter Kit course is ideal for neurodivergent business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who need careers that adapt to their needs, goals, and lifestyles. Dr. Finseth is also an award-winning educator and author in games-based learning, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and a mom who lives with her family in Boise, Idaho.

Amber Rose Thomas stands in front of a blooming fuschia bush. She has long wavy blonde hair, and wears red lipstick, and a black top with a caged design on the sleeves

Amber Rose Thomas


Amber Rose is an online business strategist and mentor for coaches, course creators and online experts who want to grow their business and make sales on autopilot with the power of funnels and paid ads. She’s the founder of the paid ads boutique agency ‘Launch with Amber’ and lives in Cardiff, UK.

Lizzie Jefferson smiles widely, wearing dark-framed glasses and burgundy lipstick. She has layered, shoulder-length brown hair, and wears a black, v-necked top.

Lizzie Jefferson


I’m Lizzie, The Geeky Freelancer and your resident multi-passionate neurodivergent with a love of words and a penchant for helping freelancers and micro-business owners go from all-over-the-place overwhelm to figuring it out, one focus at a time. Your words matter, and when they’re arranged in the best way to tell your story and attract your right-fit clients, they become magic.

Think of your words like puzzle pieces. Tucked away in a box, they’re simply a jumble, but put together the correct way, they create a clear and vibrant picture. Let’s work together to tell your story with the right words.

Mona Leboudy smiles in front of a leafless wintery tree. She wears sunglasses with her black hijab

Mona Leboudy

Mona is a multi-certified coach. Her mission is to help determined and motivated women shatter the barriers that might be holding them back, and toward taking decisive, purposeful actions. In a world that often leaves us overwhelmed and teetering on the brink of burnout, she helps you find that sweet spot of balance and success.

Emma wears a mischevious smile, her kinky brown hair filling most of the image. She's a light brown-skinned woman wearing orange feather earrings, a beaded necklace, and caramel-coloured sleeveless top.

Emma Weatherall


Emma helps established coaches, course creators, consultants and service providers to improve their business strategies and increase their sales, so that they are building multi-six figure businesses that feel spacious and aligned, while still bringing their work to more clients they adore.

Sage Grayson smiles widely in front of a brightly-coloured geometric artwork. She has shoulder-length brown hair, and mirrors the colours in the painting with her red top and yellow cardigan.

Sage Grayson


Sage Grayson is a former book editor turned life and business coach. Since 2011, she’s been helping ambitious women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home. As Sage likes to say, “I’m a Life Editor . . . and so are you!”

Patty Woods is placing a black-bejewelled tiara on her head. She has a platinum blonde faux-hawk, and wears red lipstick and a fitted black dress

Patty Woods


🕵️‍♀️ Ops detective and 👩‍🔬 workflow scientist crafting tiny tools and mini makeovers that ND solo-ish prenuers swear by to take their daily biz duties from ‘F*ck this!’ to ‘F*ck yes!’ 🙌

Felicia Rundgren Landenberg peeks out from behind some leaves. She has long wavy brown hair and wears round glasses with a black tshirt

Felicia Rundgren Landenberg


I believe in celebrating ambition without the hustle, and strive to help my clients create a sustainable lifestyle.

I’m a dedicated coach who has personally navigated mental health struggles and exhaustion disorder. Combining my personal journey with my continuous efforts for self-improvement and an incorporation of science and psychology, with the goal to provide a service that is empathetic, informed, and actionable.

Laila, a white woman, wears her blue and white hair in a bob, partly covered by a lilac beret. Peeking out from behind her phone which she holds in with both hands, her face has a slight smile. She wears a stripy blue and white t-shirt under dark pink dungarees and behind her the background is split vertically, one side is light pink, the other mid blue.

Laila Edy


Laila is a business growth strategist supporting mission-driven solopreneurs to build a business that feels good, fills their bank account and fuels positive change in the world. As a neurodivergent entrepreneur herself, she believes strongly in designing a business around your strengths, values and neurotype so that you can really shine doing your best work.

Shelby Jansen sits on a white chair against a pink backdrop, smiling, with her hand under her chin. She's a light-skinned woman with long brown hair, wearing a hot pink top/jacket

Shelby Jansen


Shelby Jansen is an entrepreneur and brand strategist who works with creatives and businesses to empower them to grow their hobby to a profitable venture authentically using design and technology. She founded Hyperviolet in 2017 and has a niche focus in helping bands and artists grow their audience and incomes using digital marketing.

Lou Kozlevcar, a light-skinned person with short brown and hot-pink hair. They're wearing a dark brown shirt with moon phases down the centre, and smiling, eyes closed, hands clasped at their chest.

Lou Kozlevcar


Greetings guys, gals, and non-binary pals! My name is Lou and I’m an experienced Meta/Google Ads specialist and digital marketer. I help my clients make better, data-driven decisions to help them get the best out of their marketing efforts.

AnnaLaura Brown, a light-skinned woman with chin-length brown hair, wearing a dusty pink shirt.

AnnaLaura Brown


Diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of 5, AnnaLaura Brown is a health coach, podcaster, blogger, essential oil educator and author of the book A Spectrum of Miracles: A Guide for Hope and Healing for Parents of Kids with Autism.

Kristin Koliha sits with one arm up on the back of her chair. She has shoulder-length wavy brown hair, and wears round, black-rimmed glasses, a long-sleeved black shirt, and a silver serotonin-molecule necklace

Kristin Koliha


Meet Kristin Koliha, a clinical social worker with a background in working with those with ADHD diagnosis. She’s a mom of two ADHD kids, a business owner and received a later in life diagnosis of ADHD as well.

She works as a coach/educator for those with ADHD who struggle to manage their homes working with them to create individualized strategies to help with home keeping. She focuses on mindset shifts, ADHD diagnosis education in the context of home and environment and support for those who want to take their homes from chaos to calm.

Crystal Bantel smiles, with her chin resting on her hand. She has a curly fringe, and wears glasses with pink & gold frames, bright red lipstick, and a grey tshirt.

Crystal Bantel


I’m Crystal Bantel, Your Tech Fairy, dedicated to helping neurodivergent and C-ptsd entrepreneurs learn how to embrace tech & design with confidence and ease. With a rich background in creating websites, online courses, and setting up email marketing freebie funnels, I recently launched the “My Year of Tech & Design Confidence” program for my people. I’m passionate about helping neurospicy and C-ptsd entrepreneurs find a way to grow and learn safely, slowly, and in the inconsistent bursts that they need. I believe that neuroTYPICAL marketing techniques can cause us burnout, so let’s redefine what online marketing should look like.


A bundle is a collection of products.

In this case, it’s products that are usually paid (i.e. not freebies!), contributed by a whole collection of folks, and available free for anyone who signs up! 

  1. If you’re interested, you can sign up for the bundle (it’s free!)
  2. After signing up, you’ll be directed to a page with details of all the included products. 
  3. You can click through to the individual sign-up pages of any products you’re interested in to register for them – all completely free! 

Nope! The bundle (and all associated events) are available completely free. 

There are a few reasons: Firstly, a big collaborative event gets us in front of a whole new audience! It allows contributors to get to know new people, to grow our email lists, and to give back support to our communities. 

Contributing to a bundle can also show off our expertise – it lets us show off our knowledge, skills, and expertise in front of a bunch of people. I’m also hoping to build on this further by running some Expert Q&A sessions to help you benefit from our expertise even more! 

Absolutely not!

Your email address will not be shared with bundle experts/contributors unless you explicitly choose to do so (e.g. when signing up for their individual offers). 

Once you’ve signed up for the bundle, all info and sign-ups will be available until April 30th. 

I’ll also send you a reminder in advance to make sure you don’t forget!

You can reach out to me (Nikki Vera, she/they, of Studio Nyx) directly at, or find me in my Facebook community, Alternative Business Network

You’ll also get access to a bundle tracker with support email addresses for each contributor. 

Interested in being a 2025 contributor?

Pop your info here to a reminder when submissions open for 2025!

A headshot of Nikki, a light-skinned person with long pink hair and dark pink glasses

About the Organiser

Hi, I’m Nikki (she/they), also known as Nyx. ​

I’m the human behind Studio Nyx, a branding & web design studio that helps creative, neurodivergent, and marginalised folks build businesses that make their lives richer 💜

I also run the Alternative Business Network, an inclusive and supportive business group full of wonderful humans. 

I’m really passionate about both supporting neurodivergent business owners, and building wonderful communities, so the Neurodivergent Business Bundle is my next step on that journey – I hope you’ll join me! 

A neurodivergent infinity symbol coloured in a sunset gradient