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Disability Pride Fest (Perth)

Service: Custom branding & web design)

2024 brings to Perth its very first Disability Pride Fest!

I’ve been absolutely delighted to be a member of the advisory council, and it’s also given me the opportunity to do the brand strategy and design for this project, as well as a basic website.

The Brand

It was decided that our branding would be based heavily on the disability pride flag by Ann Magill (updated in 2021 after consulting/collaborating the broader disability community), with obviously a strong focus on accessibility.

I started with the colour palette, crafting a custom palette to ensure it was colourblind-safe, with a variety of high-contrast combination options, but still recognisable as the disability pride flag.

The font was also very intentionally chosen – in addition to readability and flexibility, we knew that there were going to be a number of different people creating designs for the event, many of whom would be using the free version of Canva, so it needed to be easily-available to anyone (and without upgrading their Canva account).

I also created an icon combining the flag with the black swan – a native bird, and the official emblem of both our state and city.

The Website

As a grass-roots, volunteer-run event, funds are limited, so for the moment, the Disability Pride Perth website is a super-basic Google Site just to get us started – it means we can have a custom domain, but without the subscription or hosting costs that would come with other options.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a free, easy, and accessible option to get us started – and sometimes that’s exactly what you need!

As a disabled designer, it’s also been truly delightful to be able to work with a bunch of other disability advocates on such a community-focused project. It’s also been really great to adapt a community design (the Disability Pride flag) into a fully-developed, accessibility-focused brand identity.

Want to make sure your brand and website are designed with accessibility in mind? I bring this to every project! Get in touch to see how I can help you build a business that works for everyone!

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