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Services: Website Audit & VIP Day

EveOlution is a doof-turned-music-festival held annually on New Years Eve. After having to cancel their 2021/22 event due to covid, EveO finally moved into their new home at Armoin nature park, and launched an event website in order to sell tickets.

EveOlution event website viewed on multiple devices

In order to get ticket sales up and running, they’d built a quick Shopify website with the bare essentials, but it still needed a little bit of love.

EveOlution’s Shopify Makeover

  • Updated the branding on the event website to be a little more cohesive and reflect the vibrancy of the event artwork;
  • Created clear navigation and Calls to Action so that visitors could easily find what they were looking for;
  • Added formatting and images to the Event Info page, to break up what had previously been a formidable wall of text;
  • Added a ‘Get Involved’ page to help recruit volunteers, including functioning as a hub for volunteer sign-up links.

While we will probably revisit their branding and website during the year in order to help flesh them out a little more fully, this quick makeover gave the website a fresh look and feel, and also upgraded its functionality on order to take a little extra work off the organisers’ plate – which is what we want from a website!

Looking for help with your festival or event website? Or maybe have an existing website that just needs a little bit of a makeover? Get in touch!

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