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Forrest Street Physiotherapy

Service: VIP Day (branding & web design)

This physiotherapy website design was completed (along with their branding) in a VIP Day for Forrest Street Physiotherapy. Kath & Martin had previously contacted a web designer about creating a website for their physiotherapy business, but had come up against high prices, extended timelines, and a whole lot of overwhelm.

As neither is very techy, we decided to build them out a quick website to get them started online, using Squarespace, so it would be easy for them to make changes, and to add a booking widget in future.

The Forrest Street Physiotherapy website design shown on multiple devices.

After discussing their business needs and their brand personality and strategy, I got to work on the visual brand identity, followed by building out the website.

We decided to fill the website with lifestyle images depicting the activities they help their clients achieve or maintain, through acute and chronic health challenges, such as tennis, golf, cycling, and surfing, and highlighting the beautiful Cottesloe beach.

This was honestly such a delightful project to work on, and a great example of just how much work can get done in a single VIP Day.

If you need a hand getting your website started, or ready to publish, a VIP Day design intensive can be the perfect solution – without any long waits or drawn-out projects! Please get in touch if this sounds like something I can help you with.

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