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Jessica Bell Psychology

Service: VIP Day (branding & web design)

This psychology branding & website project was for Jessica Bell, an experienced psychologist who recently decided to break out from exclusively group practice to start her own solo business, Jessica Bell Psychology. As such, she was in need of some branding and a website to get started.

The Brand

She wanted her brand to feel calm, trustworthy, and tranquil, with nods to nature, particularly forests and, as someone with strong ties to the coast, also the beach.

The semi-custom icon I developed combined a few shapes:

  • At the bottom: two open hands, to signify caring and safety;
  • The open hands also have an almost leaf-like shape, bringing in the natural element;
  • The top: a shape signifying a person with arms outstretched, to hold or protect;
  • And the overall shape forms a heart, denoting her caring nature and heart-centred approach.

The elegant serif font feels both professional, sleek, and friendly, and the cool blue-green colour palette mirrors this, and ties it back to the ocean and rainforest vibes – which were also brought into the imagery used on her website.

The Website

As Jess had already made a start to building her website, and was still working on some of the content, we used the second part of her VIP Day to work on building a professional, cohesive design (using her new brand), and to build out the structure, ready for the last of the content.

I started this part of the project by setting up the branding – logos, colours etc – to not only make it easy for me to build out, but also for Jessica to ensure any future changes were aligned with her visual brand.

Originally starting with a hybrid Home/About page, I split these into two distinct pages for ease of navigation, and added a Contact page, as well as a Bookings page, where her existing secure booking system could be embedded. The core goals of the website were to introduce Jessica and her experience/approach to potential clients, and then for them to contact her to discuss their needs, so we ensured that was easy by placing a contact section at the foot of every page.

Jessica wanted her website to feel calm and welcoming, with a natural, beachy vibe, so we pulled that through with both the colours and image choices.

This was honestly such a delightful project to work on, and a spectacular example of just how much work can get done in a single VIP Day.

“My Studio Nyx experience was everything that I needed and more. The generosity and attention to detail was incredible and I now have something that I am so proud of and has captured the essence of my business better than I ever imagined. Thank you Nikki! You made this experience so easy for me and I am overjoyed with the results!!”

Jessica Bell

If you need a hand getting your brand started, a VIP Day design intensive can be the perfect solution – without any long waits or drawn-out projects! Please get in touch if this sounds like something I can help you with.

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