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Little Angels’ Pet Grooming

Services: VIP Day (Web Design)

Little Angels Pet Grooming is a home-based grooming business based in the southern suburbs of Perth, who built her own Square website to enable her clients to book online.

After a decade working as a groomer for other businesses, Angel started Little Angels Pet Grooming out of a desire for independence, and in response to burn-out from long commutes. Angel has now been fully self-employed for two years!

We recently sat down for an afternoon to give her Square website a refresh, and help her get started with Xero.

Square Website

Angel has been using Square since she started her business — first to take payments, and then to schedule appointments via a single-page Square website.

Challenges & Goals

Angel has been wanting to update her site to look more professional and provide a little more information for potential clients. Recently, some clients have also struggled to book appointments, being made to pick between two locations (both of which are the same, but only one has services available to book)!

Solutions & Makeover

After identifying which of the mysterious locations didn’t belong and removing it (thus fixing the booking system!), we turned our attention to giving her website a mini-makeover!

We decided to keep the appointment page pretty much exactly the same — since it was working well, and regular clients are used to, and happy with using it — and just opted to make minor changes to the design, plus make it a multi-page site.

In order to get the site up-and-running in an afternoon, this mini-makeover uses all Little Angels Pet Grooming’s existing content and photography.

Since the primary action we want customers to complete is to book an appointment, we’ve made sure this is as easy as possible to do! This included swapping the ‘shopping cart’ icon in the top-right for a “Buy Now” call-to-action button, as well as making it available at the bottom of every page that didn’t already have a call-to-action (eg the Contact page). We’ve also made the business logo a little larger, and fixed the social media icons in the footer to link to the business Facebook page.

Customers landing on Angel’s website will now be greeted by this little angel, with a nice easy “Book Now” button that will take existing clients to the appointment page they’re used to, but new potential clients will also have the option to learn a little bit more about Little Angels Pet Grooming before they commit.

Business Support

Frustrated with the limitations of spreadsheets, Angel also recently decided to upgrade to using Xero to track her business’s finances! Having chosen Xero, I helped her get started by setting up their integration with Square, and adding in her Square sales and fees back to the beginning of the financial year.

What’s Next?

Little Angels Pet Grooming also stocks a range of Gold Pot Dog Treats, which she’d love to add to her website so that clients can order all their treats in advance and have them ready to pick up at their next appointment — which would also be a great hands-off way to increase her sales!

While the products themselves are already listed in her Square account, she doesn’t currently have any product photos she can use, and customers really do prefer to see an item before they buy it. As such, we decided to leave that for now, and will be scheduling some time a little later to get some product photography, and add an online store to the Little Angels Pet Grooming website.

Curious about using a Square website for your own business? Read my review (and how it compares to some other): My Favourite Website Platforms.

If you have a website that needs a little love, or want to take advantage of my skills for a day, I’d love to help – please get in touch!

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