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Service: VIP Day / Branding

Nebulae is a jewellery brand that draws its inspiration from the depths of the universe. It captures the splendour of nebulae and embodies exploration, infinity, and mystery.

This called for a luxurious logo, based in an elegant semi-serif font with swooping curves that mirror the organic shapes of nebulae in space. This connection was cemented with a simple star decal.


The colour palette draws from the depths of space, and the jewel tones of nebulae.

* Nebulae is unfortunately fictional, although if it vibes with you, it is available as a semi-custom brand, which can be customised to your business details and colour scheme for a fraction of the price of a custom brand!

If you’re interested in using this brand for your business, or some custom branding for your business, please get in touch!

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