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Paradise Bar

Services: Semi-Custom Branding + Web Design

This small bar branding project was for Paradise Bar, an inner-city bar with a tropical theme and a killer cocktail and rum menu.

The Brand

We utilised a bird of paradise flower icon – a perfect representative of that tropical feel – and pulled the colour scheme from the flower, in order to create a palette that was bright, joyful, and felt like a tropical island holiday. The kitschy font brings a little bit of fun and personality, to show that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

The Website

As part of the re-design, we conducted user surveys in order to truly understand the user needs.

Small bar web design – fuelled by real user research

  • The previous website landed users on an Entry page, which really served no purpose. This added an extra step in getting to the actual website, which users hated.
  • 89% of users were expecting to find a cocktail menu on the website, and were disappointed when there wasn’t one.
  • The website contained very few photos (even in the gallery)
  • Despite having an audience that spans all the way up from Gen Zs, there weren’t really any links to their social media.

In designing this site, we took a mobile-first approach, beginning with a mobile website (as most users visited on mobile), and then building up the desktop version afterwards.

Having noticed that many patrons were overwhelmed by the extensive and unorganised cocktail menu, the new menu is categorised into sections with images of each beverage. (Note: the above is a prototype and only represents approx. one-third of the full menu).

As the only version of the rum menu was a 12-page printed document held behind the bar, the new site also includes a page for the rum menu (not pictured), which shows an embedded copy of the document, so that it can remain up-to-date without the need to constantly update the website.

* While Paradise Bar is fictional, the feedback and user surveys were conducted on a real small bar, with the website design based on the findings of user research.

If you need help with your hospitality or small bar web design, I would love to help! Having worked in hospitality for a number of years, I’d really love to help you present your venue to its customers – please get in touch!

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