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Queerful Counseling

Service: VIP Day Website

Colette had DIYed her Queerful Counseling website a year earlier, but came to me to utilise a VIP Day refresh!

While her DIY site did the job of getting her started, she didn’t feel confident in it, and as a result, avoided sending people to her website. It was starting to hold her business back.

Queerful Counseling website previewed on multiple devices.

As a fellow queer-owned business, I was only too delighted to help out, and build her a beautiful new website, full of her beloved rainbows!

The added bonus: due to the time difference between me in Western Australia, and Colette in Utah, this Website-in-a-Day project turned into a Website-While-You-Sleep for Colette – we had a check-in, she went to bed, and she woke up with a shiny new website – like magic!

For a content-heavy 7-page WordPress website, getting the Queerful Counseling website done in a single day was definitely a bit of a challenge, but we got it done.

If you need a hand refreshing your website, a VIP Day design intensive can be the perfect solution – without any long waits or drawn-out projects! Please get in touch if this sounds like something I can help you with.

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