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Nyx Apothecary (2020 Square Website)

Services: Custom Web Design

Nyx Apothecary is my craft and herbs-based business, which began at some local markets in October 2020. After these markets, this Square website was my first official foray into e-commerce.

Nyx Apothecary's Square website, showing different pages viewed on different devices

I had used Square for the markets, which meant I’d already set up all my products and pricing in their system, so it was really quite easy from there to turn that into an online store!

The other great thing about Square’s website platform (Weebly), especially for those just dipping their toes in, is that they have a fairly robust free version!

As you can tell from the branding at the bottom of some of those screenshots, that’s what I’ve used for this site. It means your store has a subdomain on their website (ie a [yoursite] web address), and “Powered by Square” branding at the bottom of the page, but a fully-functional e-commerce store without any monthly/annual fees is otherwise mostly unheard of. You just pay the regular Square payment processing fee (about 3%).

Would I recommend a Square website?

My main frustration with Weebly for building websites is that it is so simple. If you don’t have any background in design, or building websites, this can be a huge plus! Unfortunately, it also means you’ve got less control over exactly how elements look and where they sit on the page. As such, it wasn’t an ongoing option for me, but it was a great step in the door!

Particularly if you’re already using Square to process sales at in-person events like markets, setting up a Square website can be a great option! If you also use Square for inventory management, that means you get the added bonus of your inventory automatically syncing between in-person and online sales – so you don’t have to worry about selling out of something in-person and then someone buying it online!

While you can’t customise it as much as some other platforms, and it doesn’t give you access to more robust selling tools that some of the bigger e-commerce powerhouses have, I honestly really rate it as a beginner, user-friendly, low-cost option.

Want to see where Nyx Apothecary went after its Square website? Nyx Apothecary’s Wix website. Want a hand with your own website? Get in touch!

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