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Three Morrigna

Services: Website Maintenance/VIP Days

Squarespace website for Three Morrigna, showing different pages viewed on different devices.

Three Morrigna originally built their Squarespace website a number of years ago, and have used it sporadically over that time. However, having launched a stall at some local markets in Perth at the beginning of 2021, they were finding that they were receiving a reasonable amount of traffic to their site, without much to offer visitors.

As a small business, the amount of time and money they were able to invest in their website was limited, and varied according to how much income was generated by the markets each week. To help with this, I’ve come on board, doing bits and pieces as their budget allows. I’ve currently been helping to manage their Squarespace website since June 2021.

E-Commerce Management

The first, and primary priority of Three Morrigna was updating their online store and managing the e-commerce side of their business.

This has included re-organising and re-categorising the online store in order to make products easy for shoppers to navigate (as Squarespace websites don’t offer a search feature for this function), as well as removing out-dated products, and slowly adding to the selection available in their store.

As a local business, we’ve been able to arrange product drop-offs, so that I can take on the work of product photography, recording weights and other details, and listing all of the products – all they have to do is bring the goodies, and then swap them for a new batch!

Blog Mini-Makeover

Noticing that some of their products referenced a blog post that took quite a bit of digging to find, we recently agreed to a few hours of work to give their blog a mini-makeover!

As you can see in the sidebar here – their blog now has a search!

While creating new blog content isn’t a priority right now, it’s drawing a bit of search traffic, and there are also some products specifically telling customers to go there for further information, so being able to navigate it was worth putting a little bit of work into.

Those most-referenced posts are now featured in the sidebar, so that users don’t have to go digging!

With pendulums proving a hot item (both in-store and online!), as well as joining the list of featured posts, this (and a few other more recent posts) got a little facelift. To break up the blocks of text, we now have a (free-for-commercial-use) stock image of a person using the product in context.

In order to add some extra value for their readers, I’ve also embedded the YouTube video of Ysadora talking on the topic that accompanies the post – previously just a text link – and added a scrolling gallery that links to all of the pendulums they currently have listed for sale on their website (which will update automatically as the products do).

Would I recommend a Squarespace website?

While Squarespace isn’t my top pick for e-commerce sites – it gets quite clunky to manage the product catalogue once it gets over 100 items or so – it is still currently one of my preferred website-builders in general (I ran my own Squarespace website for several years!), as it’s fairly intuitive, and not too hard to make a functional, attractive site, even without much tech or design experience. That said, I do really feel that their newer design features make it a little harder to use, as well as decrease the responsiveness for those using mobile devices (who are more than half of internet users!).

You can find a more detailed review in my post about my favourite website platforms.

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