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ThrYve Psychology

Service: VIP Day (branding & web design)

ThrYve Psychology is a new psychology practice founded by experienced psychologist Vashti Wallace, who came to me to help get her started off on the right foot, and was excited to get up-and-running ASAP!

The Brand

The influences Vashti bought to this project included a very strong sense of purpose, and a collection of symbols that reflected her values. The resulting custom logo design was inspired by the lotus, the Greek letter Psy (which represents the field of psychology), a heart, and a butterfly.

The Website

We chose to build ThrYve Psychology’s website on Squarespace, as it’s easy to get going quickly, and flexible enough to expand with them as they grow.

The design heavily utilises curved shapes and edges to enhance the feelings of calm, gentleness, and tranquillity.

Having packed a huge amount of work into one day, we did then follow this up with an additional half-day focused on building out the design collateral Vashti needed to start growing her practice, including Office themes and templates, Canva templates for business cards and social media, and help connecting the domain to MS365 to allow for branded emails.

Please get in touch if you’d like to work together on a similar project.

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