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Vintage & Art Nouveau Candles

Services: VIP Day (Web Design)

This beautiful candle business website was for Adelaide-based Vintage & Art Nouveau Candles. They make stunning candles inspired by vintage, art nouveau, and gothic themes, as well as a range of curios.

Vintage & Art Nouveau Candle business website viewed on multiple devices. It has an earthy brown background, and art nouveau logo, and beautiful warm candle photos

How Quickly Can You Launch a Candle Business Website?

This project was completed in the span of a VIP day, and was a small, 3-page website in order to get them up-and-running before an upcoming market, with the intention to revisit and add an online store later. This meant they had somewhere to direct interested patrons, which gave their business legitimacy. The website also includes a sign-up page at the bottom for those who wish to be notified when the store goes live (which already has a few sign-ups!).

Need a hand with your candle business website? As a chandler myself, this is an industry I know and love, so I would be absolutely delighted to help – please get in touch!

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