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Wild By Design

Services: Website Audit + Web Design

Earlier this month, I was excited to launch the brand new Shopify fashion website for Queensland-based inclusive-fashion brand Wild by Design!

Wild by Design Shopify fashion website viewed on multiple devices, featuring bright pinks and teals, and great clothes on a diverse range of models

Wild by Design had already started building their Shopify website, originally bringing me on to do an audit before launching. Although Jade had a great product line and a successful local beauty therapy business, she was a little unclear on her brand, and that came through in her website.

How I helped prep their fashion website for launch

  • Clarifying Wild By Design’s brand strategy, including their target audience, brand mission, USP (unique selling proposition), and visual identity (colours, patterns, etc);
  • Refining the design and structure to follow best practices for UX (user experience), SEO (search engine optimisation), conversion optimisation, and accessibility;
  • Creating gorgeous branded graphics for use on the home page;
  • Product & Collection organisation and information, including retouching and optimising photos, and formatting and basic copy-editing of product descriptions;

It was an absolute delight to be able to come on board to help refine the branding, complete the website design, create some stunning on-brand graphics, and I’m thrilled that having put so much work into completing the site together, Wild by Design now has a gorgeous, functional, and on-brand fashion website.

I’m looking forward to folks from all around Australia being able to enjoy her awesome range of unique and comfy clothes, no matter their dress size!

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