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Nyx Apothecary (2021 Wix Website)

Services: Custom Web Design

Nyx Apothecary is my craft and herbs-based business, which launched its new Wix website & online store in April 2021 (following its previous Square website).

I’ve designed and built this website from scratch (forgoing their template options), and managed it for a solid chunk of time now, so I can share a few thoughts on the platform as well.

It’s currently running smoothly with almost 200 products, and website navigation based on product categories.

Would I recommend a Wix website?

While Wix does have quite a clunky back-end, it is priced competitively, fairly intuitive to use, allows the sorting/filtering of products on store pages, and nifty features like recommended products, in-built invoicing tools, and adding product blocks to blogs.

While a Wix website doesn’t make my top suggestions for a website/e-commerce platform, it’s definitely come a long way in the past decade or so, and can absolutely be used to run a functional and professional-looking website or online store. They do have really great support, although they will try to up-sell you every time you access the back-end of your website.

I no longer work with Wix, due to the limitations of the platform, but Nyx Apothecary is now a Shopify website, which has earned its place as my favourite ecommerce web platform! If you’d like a hand building your ecommerce website, get in touch!

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